Health Initiatives

We recognise that occupational health and safety and the overall well-being of our employees are integral to the growth and success of the organisation. Health and safety considerations are assessed in all of our activities, infrastructure, and processes. We meet and exceed the expectations of regulators, employees, and customers locally and across all the countries in which we operate.

With initiatives for work-life balance, we provide flexible options to assist employees in balancing their responsibilities to work while maintaining their health and the health of their families. At Kariwala, we provide a healthy and safe work environment because we believe it the right thing to do. We extend wellness programs for our employees on a regular basis. In addition to the Employees State Insurance policy, we also offer Mediclaim by reimbursing premiums paid by the employees towards their individual insurance policies. This encourages all the employees to get medically insured.

Annual medical camps are currently being organised at our factories, wherein every worker is checked by doctors from the ESI to ensure health and individual care.