Community Initiatives

We work with local communities to fight immediate challenges negatively impacting the lives of our neighbors. We apply our competencies, services, and innovations to address key challenges — in order to empower people. We participate in a number of community development programmes that fall under the banner of Swatchch Bharat Nirmaan, an initiative implemented by the Indian government, to incorporate community outreach into a strategic business plan:

Eye Care Camps – There are thousands of poor people in rural areas near us who are blind, primarily due to cataract overgrowth. A simple surgery can bring back vision to the eyes of these people. But due to lack of awareness, lack of money, and lack of proper infrastructure, many people still suffer in darkness. We conduct eye operation camps every year in our Falta factory on the premises. Many patients from nearby villages are screened and examined by doctors and provided with free cataract removal surgeries along with lens implantation.

Medical Camps – We organise various medical camps to endeavor to make a lasting difference in the lives of many people in rural areas. We reach out to leverage our resources to enhance access to medical facilities, qualified doctors, and ambulances in rural India. As one of the major problems facing rural populations is a lack of adequate medical care, Kariwala Industries works as a social and economic intervention to bring about positive change in the lives of people in society through medical aid programmes.

Pratibandhi Kalyan Kendra Supporter – We are a supporter and associate of Pratibandhi Kalyan Kendra, a school and care facility for deaf children.

Blood Drives – Twice a year, we conduct an onsite blood drive at each of our facilities and at our Head Office.

Unused Drug Banks – We collect medical supplies for distribution to child and elder care facilities, and to NGOs.