The mysteries a Kariwala bag holds inside are concealed by a stylish eco-friendly shell of jute, the “golden fiber,” or of organic cotton woven into inspired designs. The bags we make are designed for the sophisticated and smart customer. Totes and leisure bags are the perfect accessory to take with you to shop, pick up, drop off, vacation, or stroll. Have your bag on you to look and feel prepared for whatever the road ahead may bring. We’ve raised the level of intelligence from eco-smart to eco-brilliant.

Since the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro in 1992, we set out to become the world’s leading producer of eco-friendly bags. We have done extensive design research, and now are the largest exporter of environmentally friendly bags in a wide variety of high quality weaves: cotton, jute, jute-cotton blends, and organic cotton fabrics.

Our registered brands include:

Beach Exotica Beautiful statement bags with coordinating accessories to make easy living a breeze.

Kariwala Green BagsIngenious tote and carry-all bags for everyday life that make being environmentally friendly as easy as it can possibly be.

YOLO-You Only Live Once A lifestyle brand that captures the unflinching spirit of action and achievement popularized by the catchphrase ‘YOLO!’

Rishtey Bags Celebrate life, one event at a time! Your special event giveaways should be customised just the way you want, and our selection of bags will convey the thought and care you put in to each occasion.