Our Advantages

Competitive advantages and compliance policies highlight our strengths.

We offer over twenty-five years of experience in the professional workwear business with a focus on high quality products, environmental stewardship, social responsibility, and employee well-being. We have a professionally managed process – BCI member certified – that ensures the integrity of our goods at every step of the manufacturing operation. Our organisation is responsive to the needs of our customers, and by design, has grown to a diverse portfolio of business branches. Our team is dedicated to customer satisfaction; our clients are international, and we aim to listen and respond to their current needs with an eye on the future. We use only the best materials and have customised our production facilities to turn raw materials into statement pieces for work and leisure. Kariwala Industries embraces responsibility and accountability to our community, our environment, and our customers

We have compliance policies that reflect our commitment to quality and environmental care. We proudly display certificates of compliance from GOTS, Oeko-Tex, Quality Management System-ISO 9001:2008, Fairtrade, and Sedex.