Our Key Strengths

We embody strength through responsible growth.

Business is a vehicle to serve humanity and alleviate poverty and suffering.

We believe that poverty can never be alleviated by charity alone. By conducted ethical business with the welfare of the local community and its employees at the centre, we believe responsible enterprise is best positioned to make a lasting difference in the lives of people. Our businesses not only provide stable and rewarding career opportunities to our employees, they provide a support network, financial gain, a healthy and open work environment, community development, and work-life balance. We also regularly participate in community outreach events to provide free medical care, disaster relief, and support for those in need.


key_icon1Comprehensive manufacturing units

We stand behind the integrity of our people, our process, and our facilities to ensure that the products we deliver meet the highest standards, those we place on ourselves. Our facilities have been consistently upgraded and redesigned to meet stringent guidelines, garnering recognition by industry accrediting organisations like the Confederation of Indian Industry and the Global Organic Textile Standard.

key_icon1Innovative design and research

We enlist technological innovations designed to save energy, water, and resources in our business. We aim to be an industry leader in environmental stewardship, social responsibility, and employee care, and strive to create process and practices that makes these values a reality. The design and research team are continuously updating their skills and practices with a keen eye on fashion trends in verticals of design, styling, and innovative fabrics.

key_icon1Professionally managed team

We aim to have our organisation not just succeed, but to thrive. We hire the best people, put them in the right positions, and help them to develop in our organization with motivation, training, and communication. With BCI member certified, Oeko-Tex Quality Management System-ISO 9001:2008 accredited, Environmental Management System-ISO 14001:2004 and Occupational Health & Safety Management System-BSOHSAS 18001:2007 certified teams, we are proud to be among the best in the industry, and continually invest in our people to ensure sustainability and continued success.

key_icon1Eco-friendly solutions and products

Providing workwear, eco-accessories, and bags through export and manufacturing is the root of our business. As we have grown, so has the market, and today we offer green products plus cutting edge technological solutions through our KPO and e-commerce endeavors. We have The Oeko-Tex ® Standard 100 seal of approval for our products and have certification with the Global Organic Textile Standard. We are passionate about transforming the market for textiles to a more environmentally sustainable one through responsible business and fibre sourcing.

key_icon1Green credentials and energy efficiency

Because we all have a responsibility to protect the planet, our goal is to be as innovative and inspiring as possible in our choices, leading the industry in environmental best practices and green factory solutions. Our efforts were most recently recognised by the Confederation of Indian Industry and we won the Energy Conservation (ENCON) awards for energy conservation in 2015. Our passion and purpose has inspired us not only to be an industry-leading ISO 14000 company, we instill environment consciousness in the workplace, and encourage our employees to practice the same at their homes and local community. Our facilities are well-equipped with solar energy, rainwater harvesting capabilities, batteries recycling, ETP, LED lights, skylights and turbo ventilators.

key_icon1Strong corporate social responsibility

We believe in empowering people through community involvement. The challenges of poverty, poor health services, food insecurity, and rural economic hardship are ones we feel we can directly address through action and financial support. We work to make our local community, and our world, a better place through initiatives and services on a regular basis. We take our role as community leaders very seriously, and aim to be a beacon of positive change. We have continuously strived to uplift the living standards of our staff both in corporate offices and factories through many initiatives, both practical and cultural: we offer bicycle loans to employees, practice religious freedom, and promote cultural harmony.