In 1989, Anil Kariwala founded Kariwala Industries Ltd. and began exporting quality workwear from India to countries such as England, the United States, Germany, Belgium, and Holland. As a way to ensure only the finest quality merchandise reached his customers at a competitive price, the business soon became the first company in India to manufacture high-end protective workwear. The company began exporting as a merchant exporter in 1991.

Kariwala became the first exporters of workwear as manufacturer-exporters in the Falta Export Processing Zone near Calcutta in 1993.

In 1992, the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro had a profound effect on Kariwala Industries’ vision of corporate responsibility, inspiring a decision to produce eco-friendly bags that would revolutionise the marketplace for a new green global economy. From manufacturing, to export, to function, the aim was to redefine this accessory, and to provide a truly green solution for carrying anything and everything. In 1994, Kariwala began exporting these green bags to the world market.

Success of the business soon meant it was time to open a second factory, and in 1997, Kariwala Industries opened its doors yet again, expanding its line of products and upgrading its facilities, proudly acquiring ISO 9002 certification soon after. Kariwala became the first CAD-driven company of its type in India in 1999, using Lectra software for fabric cutting. Kariwala opened another factory in Sri Lanka in 2000, and in 2002, moved into newly built corporate offices at Kariwala Towers at sector five in Salt Lake City, Kolkata. In 2002, the government of India recognised the company as a certified export house.

As the market changed, Kariwala began to offer services in finance and accounting outsourcing as a knowledge process outsourcing (KPO) business. Beginning in 2000, we also launched a new arm, Excellence Tech, that provides information technology and programming, including web presence management, cloud services and mobile app development. In 2002, the services expanded yet again into Information Technology. These branches of our business reflect the strengths in our people; we are diverse and collaborative. We continue to adapt and grow to offer innovations across the globe.

Kariwala became an export house recognised by the Government of India through certification in 2002. Continued growth and success soon led to the establishment of a fourth factory at the Falta, West Bengal SEZ zone in 2005. Then, in 2009, another facility opened in Sri Lanka, with corporate offices now established in Kolkata. With continual expansion in clothing business, the fifth factory was established at Kalyani, West Bengal in 2016. This factory is fully energy-efficient with sustainable production that balances environmental and business interests.

As Kariwala grows, we are proud to have earned Flocert certificates of conformity (2008) ensuring fair trade standards are upheld, Ecocert certificates of GOTS compliance (2010), SA 8000 for social accountability (2012), ISO 9001 for Quality Management System (2010), ISO 14001 for Environmental Management System (2010), BSOHSAS 180001 for Occupational Health and Safety Management System (2010) and Encon awards for energy conservation (2015). We continue to commit to sustainability and stewardship as we grow as an organisation.