Our clients are on six continents, and we will someday soon expand to the seventh – Antarctica: in Europe mainly to the UK, Germany, Belgium, France, Spain, Switzerland, and Sweden; in Asia mainly to Japan, China, the UAE, Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand; in Africa mainly to South Africa and Egypt; in the Americas – the US, Canada, Panama, and Mexico; and also last but not least, Australia. We have long-standing relationships with some of our very first customers, and proudly continue to provide quality workwear and products to several family owned companies like Willax GmbH, Alsico, Vandeputte Group, Wessels, and ORN Clothing. We are honoured to be providers of green bags and other products to large publicly held companies as well, like M&S, Tesco, and Walmart.

Our clients expect exceptional textile goods with innovative design with attention to each and every detail. Our diversified group of businesses also provides financial accounting services, IRS compliance, and business plan development to international clients. Under the brand Excellence Tech, Kariwala Industries has also built an arm of the business to serve clients with information technology needs, including web design and development.